ThermaLens™ - IRIS-XP™

FDA Cleared & CE Approved - AI Medical Thermography System 

The ThermaLens™ - IRIS-XP™ is the high-resolution Thermography System that allows for the early detection of physiological changes, even before symptoms manifest.

By measuring Infrared Rays (IR) emitted from the body, combined with AI and machine-learning software, we can accurately detect early signs of vascular diseases, neuropathy, inflammation, and even visualize a patients chronic pain.

  • Early-Stage Detection for Better Long-Term Outcomes.
  • ​Automatic "Regions of Interest" Using AI and Machine Learning.
  • ​Non-Invasive and Safe For All Patients (No Radiation or Magnets)
  • ​​Integrates with PACS Electronic Medical Record system.
  • ​Internationally certified by the FDA, CFDA, CE, and more. 
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Medical Applications:
ThermaLens™ - IRIS-XP™ is the non-invasive, all-in-one system that's revolutionizing patient care by facilitating early-stage disease detection with seamless integration into existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.
  • Early Detection and Intervention: Detect fractional temperature changes associated with physiological responses, for timely interventions that could save lives.
  • Highly-Targeted Treatments: Obtain a deeper understanding of each patient's unique condition allowing for more personalized treatment plans.
  • ​PACS/EMR Integration: Compatibility with PACS EMR systems ensures smooth integration into all existing healthcare facilities and workflows.
  • Expanding Services: Incorporating this tool into a medical facility can allow that facility expand their services for a variety of applications.

Preventative Health-Care:

Revolutionize patient care with easy to interpret, high-resolution images showing the potential onset of various conditions, fostering a more active engagement in patients' healthcare journey.

Advanced Diagnostics:

With the ThermaLens™, clinics can pioneer new paths in medical diagnostics, providing innovative and safe diagnostic options that differentiate them in the healthcare market.

Pain Management: 

The ability to visually and quantitatively analyze pain and provide "Before and after" images is a breakthrough in comprehensive pain management, improving patients' quality of life.

The Future of Medical Diagnostics

For neuropathy, diabetic foot ulcers, chronic inflammation, cancer, circulatory disorders, and more...

ThermaLens™ - Hospital 

Highest-Level ThermaLens™ Unit - For large-scale hospitals and clinics
  • ThermaLens™ Medical Imaging Camera 
  • ​Motorized Camera Stand 
  • ​Wireless Computer Work Station
  • ​​ThermaLens™ Software Registration Key

ThermaLens™ - Clinic

Mid-Sized ThermaLens™ Unit - Great for smaller practices and clinics
  • ThermaLens™ Medical Imaging Camera 
  • ​Motorized Camera Stand (Vertical Axis - Up & Down)
  • ​Tri-pod Stand
  • ​Laptop with ThermaLens™ Software Registration Key

ThermaLens™ - Mobile Unit

Portabable ThermaLens™ Unit with Tri-Pod Stand.
  • ThermaLens™ Medical Imaging Camera 
  • ​Tri-pod Stand
  • ​Laptop with ThermaLens™ Software Registration Key

3-Options - One Solution: ThermaLens™

ThermaLens™ - IRIS-XP™ Room Setup

Our cameras are sensitive to variables like windows, air conditioning, and heating vents. We provide diagrams of how your system should be setup for accurate results.

The camera can be remotely operated from behind a privacy curtain, ensuring all patients feel as comfortable as possible during the screening process.

The ThermaLens™ IRIS-XP™ provides the ability to perform imaging such as breast screening, in a way that keeps patient's privacy and comfort the main priority. 


Camera 2: Curtain 3: Console 4: Air-conditioner 5: Heater 6: Curtain 7: Door

Camera Specs

- IR Resolution: 640x480 pixels
- Pixel Size: 17um
- Thermal Sensitivity (NETD): ≤50mk
- Focal Length: 8.1mm
- FOV: 49° x 36°
- Spatial Resolution (IFOV): 1.1mRad
- Spectral range: 8~14 Microns
- Detector Type: Uncooled Micro-bolometer
- Frame Rate: 9-30Hz

Hardware Specs

- Focusing Type: Auto Focusing [Premium], Manual Focusing [Economy / Standard]

- Stand Type: Motorized Stand [Premium / Standard] 

- Tripod Stand [Economy/Standard]

- 360° Rotating Camera Head via Remote Control [Premium Only]

- Electric Power: AC 100~220V, 50/60Hz, 250W

Software Specs

- Color Mode: 19 different color modes
- Automatic Ambient Temperature Compensation
- Image Processing Functions: Zoom, Crop, Isotherm, Flip, Reset, Magnify, Fit, Etc.
- Software functions: Auto Win Level, ROI, Auto ROI & Thermal Pattern Identification, Automatic Detection by AI, Real-time IR image recording

- Image Network System : PACS System

2-Year Manufacture Warantee

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